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The following list has the deliverables planned to be executed during the project.


B1.1 Review of irrigation scheduling strategies B1 15/12/2012
D1.1 Communication Plan D1 04/12/2012
D1.2 Project web site D1 13/12/2012
B2.1 Irrigator Scheduler Prototype B2 22/12/2012
B1.2 Documentation of the Irrigator Scheduler B1 25/01/2013
B2.2 Virtual Crop prototype B2 22/02/2013
B3.1 List of reports B3 15/03/2013
B1.3 Documentation of the model beyound Virtual Crop B1 22/03/2013
B3.2 Comparative water savings model template B3 14/04/2013
B2.3 Irrigation Expert System prototype B2 24/04/2013
B3.3 Irrigation scheduler simulator model template B3 29/04/2013
B3.4 Virtual Crop model template B3 29/04/2013
B3.5 Virtual plot interface B3 29/05/2013
B4.1 Report describing tables of reference data feed B4 29/05/2013
B3.6 Virtual results interface B3 28/06/2013
B2.4 Irrigation Virtual module prototype B2 28/06/2013
B5.1 Setup of the pilot plots B5 11/07/2013
B5.2 Deployment of the survey in farmers' plots B5 11/07/2013
B3.7 Recommendation Structures B3 23/09/2013
C1.1 Report from the baseline, specific indicators C1 20/10/2013
B3.8 Web based application B3 20/11/2013
B3.9 Portal prototype B3 20/12/2013
C1.2 Report on the progress of indicators C1 29/01/2014
B5.3 IES web analytics B5 31/01/2014
B3.10 Final platform B3 31/01/2014
B5.4 Resuts of the pilot plots during the first year B5 12/03/2014
B4.3 Report describing production losses B4 11/04/2014
D1.3 Training plan D1 14/05/2014
E1.1 Positive project progress at mid-term E1 18/06/2014
B5.5 Report on IES potetntial impact at regional scale B5 28/03/2015
C1.3 Report on the socioeconomic impact of the project C1 18/05/2015
B5.6 Final report on the pilot plots B5 11/09/2015
B5.7 Final report on the survey in farmer's plots B5 11/09/2015
B5.8 IES web analytics final report>/td> B5 18/09/2015
C1.4 Report on the progress of indicators C1 23/09/2015
E1.2 Positive final technical and financial reports E1 14/10/2015
D1.4 Layman's report D1 31/10/2015
E2.1 Report of communication plan post-project E2 31/10/2015